How does SP/SR work?

SP SR ProgramAs a participant, you download your weekly self-practice exercises (e.g. goal setting, behavioural experiments). You do them – they might take 30-60 minutes. This is the experiential part. Then you answer some reflective questions and then write them up for the online SP/SR Discussion Forum (see Written Reflections in SP/SR). You share your reflections, and reflect on the reflections of other SP/SR group members. In this way, you can see how your own experience of a particular technique is similar or different from others, and can draw conclusions about how best to use these techniques. This might take another hour of your time, so 2 hours a week in all (approx 20 hours CPD).

Every fortnight, the group will have a ‘live’ online interactive meeting with one of the facilitators, where the group have the opportunity to discuss their experiences in greater depth. These meetings will probably happen at 8am on Monday mornings. This will be another 5 hours of CPD so approx 25 hrs in total.

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