Is SP/SR safe and confidential?

SP SR ProgramYes.

There are two safety concerns participants sometimes have:

  1. Confidentiality about what is shared: You are in total control of this. We make a clear distinction between reflecting on the content of thoughts/behaviours/emotions and reflecting on the process of using a particular technique. It is up to you what you share and how much you share but our recommendation is to focus on the process (e.g. how did the thought record work for me?) rather than the content (“I’m always failing at …”). Our suggestion is that you keep your own ‘content’ journal, in which you may also keep reflections. What you put online is what you want to put online.
  2. SP/SR is not always comfortable. We can run across cognitions or emotions that take us by surprise. It is a condition of entry to the program that you have a Personal Safeguard Strategy in place – that is, a set of steps you might take if you did feel distressed. There might be a gradient from talking it over with a partner through to a close professional colleague through to identifying a therapist in the extreme. Our experience is that occasionally people can have unexpectedly difficult experiences doing SP/SR, and a safeguard strategy is important.


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