Why do SP/SR?

SP SR ProgramIf you want to improve your CBT skills and gain a different perspective on CBT – absolutely!

SP/SR provides an‘insider’ perspective on therapy, and offers unique insights particularly about the process of therapy and the process of change (see Testimonials). Previously we have described SP/SR as ‘reaching the parts other training strategies cannot reach’.

SP/SR is fundamentally integrative. It links the experiential with the conceptual, the interpersonal and the technical, the “therapist self” and “personal self”, and the declarative and procedural with the reflective. It enhances reflective awareness. People say things like: “I have a ‘deeper sense of knowing’ of the therapy”; “I feel more rounded as a therapist”; “I ‘get’ how the client feels, and it has influenced what I now do”.

There is a growing body of evidence endorsing its effectiveness as a training strategy from trials in Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria (see SP/SR Reference List).


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