Self-Experiential CBT Program

CBT from the inside out

“To fully understand the process of the therapy, there is no substitute for using cognitive therapy methods on oneself” Christine Padesky (1996)

“Your growth as a cognitive therapist will be enhanced if you start applying the tools described in this book to yourself.”  Judith Beck (1995)

The Self Practice/Self Reflection (SP/SR) program provides a unique insight into the therapeutic process. It is a 10 week self-experiential CBT program, in which participants practice CBT on themselves (self-practice – SP) and reflect on their experience (self-reflection SR).

Weekly self-reflections are shared in an online discussion forum. Studies in Australia, NZ, UK, Austria and Ireland have consistently reported that participants’ perspectives on the therapeutic process and sense of knowing CBT is deepened through SP/SR (see Why do SP/SR? and SP/SR Reference List). Some participants also report significant gains on a personal – as well as professional – level see SP/SR Testimonials).

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The first Self-Practice/Self-Reflection book,
published 2015 available from Guilford Press,
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